Reduces Fatigue During Long Hours Of Work And Improves Handling Comfort

Reduces Fatigue During Long Hours Of Work And Improves Handling Comfort

Date:Dec 25, 2019

The surface excavator is a multi-purpose excavator suitable for terrestrial, shallow and deep water operating environments. Its appearance solves the problem that the excavator cannot be launched into the water, and also enables the excavator to achieve digging, cruising, and dredging, which greatly improves the work efficiency.

Products are widely used in water conservancy projects, river dredging and water treatment in urban construction, wetland swamps and river, river, lake, sea, and tidal flat resource development and environmental improvement!

Is a multi-purpose excavator suitable for land, swamp soft ground and shallow water operations. The traveling device adopts catamaran floating box structure crawler frame and sealed box-shaped crawler plate to ensure that it can swim safely on the water. The reinforced ultra-long working device, special structural pin connector, and efficient turning mechanism improve the quality of work and production efficiency. Beautiful appearance, spacious and well-equipped cab and concise sound and light alarm system reduce fatigue of long-term operation and improve the comfort of operation. The perfect match between the advanced hydraulic system and the engine can realize the compound action, and guarantee the efficient and reliable work and high economic efficiency at the same time.

An excavator is a construction machine used to dig soil. This is to use the bucket teeth on the bucket to cut the soil and load it into the bucket. After the soil is filled, lift the bucket and rotate it to the unloading point to unload the soil. operation.

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