More Effective Breaking Stones And Rocks

More Effective Breaking Stones And Rocks

Date:Dec 27, 2019

Hydraulic breaker is referred to as "breaker" or "crusher". The power source of the hydraulic breaker is the pressure provided by the excavator, loader or pumping station. Work efficiency. The principle of selecting a hydraulic breaker is to select the most suitable hydraulic breaker according to the model of the excavator and the operating environment.

Hydraulic breaker has become an important working tool for hydraulic excavators. Some people also install hydraulic breakers on backhoe loaders (also known as busy at both ends) or wheel loaders for crushing operations.

Hydraulic breaker, also known as hydraulic breaker or hydraulic breaker, is commonly used in Japan and Korea. It is also called hydraulic hammer, and companies in Finland and Germany use this term more often. Manufacturers and users in our country call them hydraulic breakers, and also call them hydraulic picks, hydraulic cannons, crushing heads, etc. The terminology of China's national standards is called hydraulic impact breakers.

Although the names are varied, they all refer to the same machine. This machine is driven by hydrostatic pressure and drives the piston to reciprocate. The piston strikes the drill rod at high speed during the stroke of the piston, and the drill rod breaks the solid such as ore and concrete. This machine is called hydraulic hammer for short in this article.

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