Maximize The Use Of Engine Power To Achieve Energy Savings

Maximize The Use Of Engine Power To Achieve Energy Savings

Date:Dec 03, 2019

The development and expansion of bulldozer product types not only need to meet the working adaptability of different working conditions, but also must maintain the maximum part commonality (or interchangeability) with the basic model, which brings great benefits to the use and maintenance of customers. Great convenience. In order to facilitate users to purchase accessories, the manufacturer keeps the part number of Komatsu in Japan. Only the parts designed by itself in the modification will be labeled with its own manufacturer's number.

Crawler bulldozer is mainly composed of engine, transmission system, working equipment, electrical parts, cab and hood. Among them, the mechanical and hydraulic transmission systems include torque converters, coupling assemblies, planetary gear-type power shift transmissions, central transmissions, steering clutches and steering brakes, final transmissions, and travel systems.

The power output mechanism drives the working pump, variable-speed torque-variable hydraulic system variable-speed pump, and steering brake hydraulic system steering pump in the hydraulic system of the working device by means of gear transmission and spline connection. (Including left and right final drive assemblies); track system including track assembly, trolley frame and suspension assembly.

1. The hydraulic system of working equipment adopts fixed differential overflow technology. In this way, when the directional valve of the working device is in a small opening throttle speed adjustment process, the excess oil supply from the oil pump can be returned to the oil tank directly from the differential pressure valve without going through the safety valve, so that the system pressure during the speed adjustment process is only higher than the working pressure. High certain value △ P, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing hydraulic power loss and lowering oil temperature.

2. The hydraulic system and transmission system of the engine and working equipment adopt full power matching technology. The engine can automatically adjust the power output to the transmission system and the hydraulic system of the working device according to the actual working conditions, so as to maximize the use of engine power and achieve energy saving purposes.

3. Hydrostatic transmission technology. Transmission adopts static pressure transmission. The whole machine reduces transmission components such as the gearbox, torque converter (main clutch), steering clutch, etc., thereby greatly reducing mechanical power loss, and it is easy to achieve full power matching with the engine to achieve energy saving purposes.

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