Maintain Maximum Component Commonality

Maintain Maximum Component Commonality

Date:Dec 09, 2019

The development and expansion of grader products not only need to meet the working adaptability of different working conditions, but also must maintain the maximum part commonality (or interchangeability) with the basic model. Great convenience. The crawler grader is mainly composed of engine, transmission system, working equipment, electrical parts, cab and hood. Among them, the mechanical and hydraulic transmission systems include torque converters, coupling assemblies, planetary gear-type power shift transmissions, central transmissions, steering clutches and steering brakes, final transmissions, and travel systems. The power output mechanism drives the working pump, variable-speed torque-variable hydraulic system variable-speed pump, and steering brake hydraulic system steering pump in the hydraulic system of the working device by means of gear transmission and spline connection. (Including left and right final drive assemblies); track system including track assembly, trolley frame and suspension assembly.

Among the various pumps and valves used in graders, the matching clearances and working surfaces between the relative moving parts are small. There are also many damping holes and gap control valve ports in the hydraulic components. If the oil is mixed with dirt, Objects, blocking will occur, and even scratch the mating surface, increase leakage, and even jam the valve core, causing component failure. Therefore, keeping the oil clean is the key to maintaining the hydraulic system. 1) The hydraulic oil must be strictly filtered. When filling the hydraulic oil tank, it should pass through a 120-mesh oil filter. 2) Regularly check the cleanliness of the oil, and replace it regularly according to the working conditions. When replacing, drain as much as 40L of the hydraulic system memory. Among them, the method using the outer loop of the system is more operable. The method is to first drain the waste oil in the fuel tank and radiator, and then fill with new oil. Remove the oil return pipe entering the fuel tank and start the engine, so that the waste oil can completely flow out of the oil return pipe. It is particularly emphasized that the oil level in the fuel tank should be observed in a timely manner, and the safe height of the oil level should be guaranteed. When replacing with new oil, the filter element of the filter should be replaced at the same time. 3) Do not disassemble the hydraulic components easily. If disassembly is necessary, clean the parts with kerosene or diesel and place them in a clean place to avoid contamination of impurities during reassembly.

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