Large-scale, Miniaturized, Multi-functional, And Specialized

Large-scale, Miniaturized, Multi-functional, And Specialized

Date:Dec 25, 2019

Backhoe excavator is an excavator of our most common earthmoving equipment. It is mainly used for excavation of foundation pits (slots) or pipe trenches, independent foundation pits and slopes below the working surface; straight, curved excavations, Maintain a certain angle of excavation, ultra-deep trench excavation and trench excavation.

Backhoe excavator is the most widely used earth-moving excavator, which has the characteristics of flexible operation and fast turning speed. In recent years, the market of backhoe excavators has developed rapidly, and the production of excavators has developed in the direction of large-scale, miniaturization, multi-function and specialization. For excavation of foundation pits, an excavator of ordinary digging depth can be selected according to actual needs, and a long-arm, extended-arm or telescopic-arm excavator with a large digging depth can also be selected. The main parameters of the backhoe excavator are the overall mass, overall dimensions, standard bucket capacity, walking speed, slewing speed, maximum digging radius, maximum digging depth, maximum digging height, maximum unloading height, minimum slewing radius, tail slewing radius, etc.

The selection of the backhoe excavator should be based on the soil conditions, plane shape, excavation depth, excavation method, construction progress, etc. of the foundation pit and the operation method of the excavator; in actual application, it should be excavated according to the manufacturer Machine product specifications and technical parameters, combined with the construction unit's construction experience for selection.

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