Fast Working Speed, Good Mobility And Light Operation

Fast Working Speed, Good Mobility And Light Operation

Date:Dec 12, 2019

Loader is a kind of earth and stone construction machinery widely used in highway, railway, construction, hydropower, port, mining and other construction projects. It is mainly used for shovel loading bulk materials such as soil, sand, lime, coal, etc. And hard soil for light digging operations. Different auxiliary working devices can also be used for loading and unloading of bulldozing, lifting and other materials such as wood.

In roads, especially in the construction of high-grade highways, loaders are used for the filling and excavation of subgrade works, the aggregate and loading of asphalt mixes and cement concrete yards. In addition, it can also carry soil, level the ground, and tow other machinery. Because the loader has the advantages of fast operation speed, high efficiency, good maneuverability, and light operation, it has become one of the main types of earth and stone construction in engineering construction.

The loader is mainly used for shovel, loading, unloading, soil and stone and other loose materials. It can also perform light digging operations on rocks and hard soil. If you change different working devices, you can also complete the work of bulldozing, lifting, loading and unloading other materials. In highway construction, it is mainly used for filling and digging of subgrade engineering, assembling and loading of asphalt and cement concrete yards. Because it has the advantages of fast operation speed, good maneuverability, and light operation, it has developed rapidly and has become the main machinery in earthwork construction.

After the loader leaves the factory, there is generally a running-in period of about 60 hours (some are called run-in periods), which is based on the technical characteristics of the loader at the initial stage of use. The running-in period is an important part to ensure the normal operation of the loader, reduce the failure rate and extend its service life. Some users ignore the special technical requirements of the running-in period of the new machine due to lack of common knowledge on the use of loaders or because of tight construction schedules or want to get benefits as soon as possible. Some users even think that, anyway, the manufacturer has a repair period, and the machine is broken. The manufacturer is responsible for repairing, so the machine is overloaded for a long time during the running-in period, which causes frequent early failures of the machine, which not only affects the normal use of the machine, Shortened the service life of the machine, but also affected the progress of the project due to the damage of the machine. Therefore, the application and maintenance of the break-in period of the loader should be given full attention.

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