Excavation At A Certain Angle, Ultra-deep Trench Excavation And Trench Excavation

Excavation At A Certain Angle, Ultra-deep Trench Excavation And Trench Excavation

Date:Dec 04, 2019

The hook machine is an excavator, which is a common saying in some areas. It is also called an excavator in other places. It is a collection of functions such as forward, backward, rotation, lifting, lowering, digging, hydraulic hammer breaking, and adsorption. A kind of machinery is an earthmoving machine that uses a bucket to dig materials that are higher or lower than the bearing surface, and loads them into a transport vehicle or unloads them to a stockyard.

Common excavator structures include: power unit, working device, slewing mechanism, operating mechanism, transmission mechanism, traveling mechanism, and auxiliary facilities. From the appearance, the excavator consists of three parts: the working device, the upper turntable, and the traveling mechanism.

Shovel action form of a shovel. Its characteristics are "forward and upward, forced cutting." The front shovel has a large digging force and can excavate the soil above the stopping surface. It is suitable for excavating dry foundation pits with a height of more than 2m, but up and down slopes must be provided. The bucket of the front shovel is larger than the bucket of an equivalent backhoe excavator. It can excavate the first or third class of soil with a water content of not more than 27%, and cooperate with the dump truck to complete the entire excavation and transportation operation. It can also dig Large dry foundation pits and mounds. The excavation method of the front shovel is based on the difference between the excavation route and the relative position of the transport vehicle. There are two methods for digging and unloading: forward digging, lateral unloading; forward digging, reverse Unloading soil.

The backhoe is the most common we've ever seen, going backwards and forcing the cut. It can be used for excavation below the stop working surface. The basic operation methods are: ditch end excavation, ditch side excavation, straight line excavation, curve excavation, excavation at a certain angle, ultra-deep trench excavation and trench slope excavation.

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