Ensures Good Compaction Performance Of The Roller

Ensures Good Compaction Performance Of The Roller

Date:Dec 25, 2019

Drum roller is a mechanical equipment that uses its own gravity and vibration to compact various building and road building materials. In highway construction, the compactor is most suitable for compacting various non-cohesive soils, crushed stones, crushed stone mixtures, and various asphalt concrete materials, and is therefore widely used.

Adopts articulated frame, hydraulic walking, hydraulic vibration, and full hydraulic steering system. With two vibration frequencies and two-stage amplitude, it can be used for different thickness layups and compaction of various materials. The imported hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor and vibration bearing are adopted to ensure the reliability of the whole machine. The frame and hood are optimized for easy maintenance and repair. With three levels of vibration reduction, the cab adopts sealed sound insulation measures to make driving more comfortable.

The compaction performance is the basic function of the steel drum roller and reflects the final operation effect of the project, including flatness, compactness, uniformity, etc. Compared with other types of rollers, steel rollers are mostly used for the surface lamination of asphalt pavement, and the compactness has very strict requirements. If the compaction performance of the double-steel roller is defective, it will inevitably affect the final construction effect. For example, during compaction operations, the aggregates are rolled unevenly or the aggregates are broken, which reduces the smoothness of the road surface, affects the safety and comfort of driving in the later stage, and is prone to quality diseases such as crowding, loosening, and moving. When the double-steel roller is used for the pavement of thin pavement or bridge deck, it will produce a large impact. Damage to the surface aggregate results in crushing, which seriously damages the aggregate gradation characteristics, especially for special structure mixtures and aggregates. In order to ensure the compaction effect, it is necessary to ensure that the roller has good compaction performance and operates in accordance with professional standards. According to the roller's own structural characteristics, set working parameters, including rolling temperature, running speed, and ply thickness, etc., to avoid resonance and flutter problems due to improper vibration shock intervals or vibration damping performance settings, which affects road surface smoothness.

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