A Fast And Effective Way To Reduce Costs And Improve Reliability

A Fast And Effective Way To Reduce Costs And Improve Reliability

Date:Dec 31, 2019

1. Hydropower, mines, dams, roadbed anchoring projects are mainly based on skid-type light hydraulic anchors and drilling rigs. Mine anchoring projects are dominated by rock anchors, which have high requirements for hole formation. Generally, they need to be constructed on about ten meters high scaffolding. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the drilling rig is flexible and convenient to move on the scaffolding, while taking into account the stability of the drilling rig during perforation, and easy to be firmly connected with the scaffolding. Generally, the skid-type I rig should weigh about 1.6 tons and the turning torque is about 3. OkNm, the propulsive lifting force of about 5 tons is more suitable; rock-drilling with air DTH is the most effective method.

2. The deep foundation pit anchoring project for high-rise buildings is dominated by crawler self-hydraulic full-hydraulic anchor drill rigs. As the foundation pits of urban buildings are dominated by sand and gravel, water is generally used as the driving force for slag removal and cleaning. Therefore, even with precipitation, the operation site is relatively muddy. Only suitable for crawler drilling rigs. Equipped with hydraulic rock drill or high-torque rotary drilling, the machine weight is about 8 tons, the turning torque is about 700 kgm, and the lifting force is about 8 tons.

3. Anchor drilling rigs are developed in the direction of the combination of earth-drilling and rock-anchor drilling rigs. In the Three Gorges Permanent Ship Lock dam anchor cable drilling project, the drilling rig with the best hole formation is the use of soil anchor casing drilling The principle of Wenxuan and the wall protection is applied to the drill collar developed for the guidance of the drill pipe in the drilling of rock anchor holes. Similarly, to solve the problems of the hydraulic item impact drilling rig is less efficient than the soil anchor hole drilling, casing casing drilling tools are seriously damaged. , The air-drilling hammer counterbored casing drilling tool being tested and researched is also another combination of soil anchor drilling tool and rock anchor drilling tool

4. Selection of basic parts for road engineering machinery communication

At present, imported anchor drilling rigs use the basic components of road engineering machinery from the four wheels and one belt of the chassis to internal combustion engines, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic valves, controls and operating systems. This is the direction that many domestic manufacturers should learn from and improve. The domestic anchoring rig is a fast and effective way to reduce costs and improve reliability.

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