The purpose and task of the device is to stir all materials evenly

Date:Dec 20, 2019

Good mortar must have good equipment and good equipment must be compared. While learning advanced European technology, we must also pay attention to creating our own brand. There are several common mistakes when investors choose equipment. There are probably the following aspects: First, find the cheapest equipment; second, find a large manufacturer to buy; third, directly import equipment from Germany and Italy; fourth, the equipment If you don't know enough, you can buy mechanical standard dry-mix mortar equipment on the market. Many blind choices have occurred.

There are more particular about material mixing. There are various dry-mix mortar mixers on the market, whether the mixing is uniform, whether there are dead ends, whether the so-called flying knife plays the role, and whether the motor power used by the mixer is reasonable. There are many kinds of investment. Investors have just entered this line. They don't know enough and do not understand thoroughly, which will cause the mortar that may be produced at the same time when the operating costs increase in the future. It is not a good mortar. Bit by bit to reduce costs, increase benefits every second.

The mixer is the key to the production of dry-mixed mortar and the core of a complete set of equipment.

The dry-mix mortar mixer is composed of a mixing bucket, a drive shaft, a motor, a mixing blade, a flying knife device, a feeding port, a discharging port, an observation door, a sampler, a safety detection switch, and an air venting device. The purpose and task of these devices It is to stir all the materials evenly.

Mixing buckets: There are vertical and horizontal dry mixing mortar mixing buckets on the market. Vertical types are generally not used. Dry mixing mortars have different proportions of materials. They are stirred in the same space. Heavy materials sink to the bottom (sand), light. The material floats (additives), which cannot be seen by the naked eye, but it is actually the case, so the horizontal type is widely used.

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