Stable feeding, reliable work and easy adjustment

Date:Dec 23, 2019

Stabilized soil mixer is a complete set of special equipment for continuous mixing of pavement base materials. It is suitable for the construction of base materials such as ordinary highways, high-grade highways, expressways and urban roads, sports fields, and airports.

This equipment adopts modular design, beautiful appearance, compact structure, and can be arbitrarily combined in a variety of arrangements. The main unit is a double-horizontal continuous mixer, which is evenly and quickly stirred and has a good mixing effect. Stable feeding, reliable work and convenient adjustment. The electrical system has a variety of control methods, which can ensure continuous production of a variety of stable and stable base materials.

The finished products are generally cement-gravel stabilized soil, lime-gravel stabilized soil, and compressible concrete.

Stabilized soil mixer is mainly used in highway engineering construction to complete the field mixing operation of stable soil base. Because this model has a wide range of mixing range, it is suitable for the construction of high-grade highways and stable soil bases, as well as the construction of middle and low-grade roads or county and township roads. Grade Ⅳ soil; attached with hot asphalt or floating asphalt regeneration operation, automatic sprinkler device, can change the moisture content of stable soil on site and complete mixing; replace the operation device, install the milling drum, and also complete asphalt concrete or cement Milling of concrete pavement.

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