Short stirring time, fast discharge, and low residue

Date:Dec 19, 2019

With the development of concrete materials and construction technology, many new types of concrete mixers have emerged, such as steam-heated mixers, supercritical speed mixers, sonic mixers, swinging disc mixers without stirring blades, and concrete mixers with secondary mixing. Wait.

In order to ensure the quality of concrete mixing, it is required to mix the concrete mixture evenly, short mixing time, fast discharge, low residual amount, low energy consumption and low pollution. The main factors affecting the mixing quality of concrete mixers are: the structural form of the mixer, the ratio of the feeding capacity of the mixer to the geometric volume of the mixing cylinder, the feeding procedure and position of the mixing material, the geometric angle of the configuration and arrangement of the mixing blades, the mixing speed and the blades Liner wear and so on.

1 Maintain the cleanliness of the body and remove dirt and obstacles from the body.

2 Check the oil, circuit and control equipment of each lubricating place, and fill the oil as required.

3 Before each shift, add water to the idler for 1 to 2 minutes and check the reliability of the clutch and braking device.

4 During the operation of the concrete mixer, it should be checked at any time whether the noise of the motor, reducer and transmission gear is normal, and whether the temperature rise is too high.

5 After each shift, carefully clean the concrete mixer.

6 In order to ensure its technical performance, we must pay attention to the fact that it cannot be recharged in the repair and reconstruction, and must use high-quality bearings.

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