Short cycle time and convenient transportation

Date:Dec 03, 2019

Bulldozer is an earth-moving engineering machine capable of excavating, transporting, and abandoning rock and soil. It is widely used in open-pit mines. For example, it is used to build dumping grounds, leveling automobile dumping grounds, stacking scattered ore rocks, leveling work pans and building sites. It is used not only for auxiliary work, but also for main mining work. For example: stripping and mining of sand deposits, traction and boosting of scrapers and plows, and other earthmoving machinery to reduce the stripping step height when there is no transportation mining method.

Bulldozers can be divided into two types, crawler and tire. The crawler bulldozer has large traction force, low ground pressure (0.04 to 0.13MPa), strong climbing ability, but low driving speed. Wheeled bulldozers have high driving speed, flexible maneuverability, short operating cycle time, convenient transportation and transfer, but low traction force, and are suitable for situations that require frequent site changes and field work.

It can be divided into two types: general type and special type. The universal type is a model that is produced according to standards and is widely used in earthwork. The special type is used in specific working conditions, including wetland bulldozers and marshland bulldozers, amphibious bulldozers, underwater bulldozers, cabin bulldozers, drones, high prototypes and Bulldozers operating in wet conditions.

Bulldozer is a kind of main machinery of earthmoving engineering machinery. It is divided into two types of crawler and tire according to the walking way. Because there are fewer tire bulldozers. This article mainly describes the structure and working principle of crawler bulldozers. The basic operations of bulldozer excavation are: A. soil shovel B. soil transportation C. soil unloading.

Of the crawler bulldozers with a power greater than 120KW, most use hydraulic-mechanical transmission. This type of bulldozer comes from the introduction of three basic types of bulldozer manufacturing technology of D155, D85 and D65 from Komatsu Japan. After localization, the model is TY320, TY220 and TY160 basic bulldozers. In order to meet the needs of users in various working conditions, China's bulldozer manufacturers have expanded their product varieties and formed three series of bulldozers on the basis of the above three basic types of bulldozers.

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