Resistant to deformation and abrasion, need to have certain stiffness

Date:Dec 26, 2019

Vibration wheel is both a working wheel and a walking wheel. It is one of the important parts of a steel drum roller. It is mainly composed of 4 parts: a vibration steel wheel, an excitation mechanism, a vibration reduction system and a traveling mechanism. The weight of the vibrating steel wheel accounts for about 80% of the vibrating weight (participating in the vibrating weight). It is welded and processed by steel wheel rims, spokes, etc. It requires resistance to deformation and wear, and it must have certain rigidity, strength and roundness. To meet the compaction requirements of roadbed, pavement smoothness and strength. The more common structural forms are welded dish plate type and removable box type (also called independent vibration chamber). There are many detachable box-type applications on heavy-duty steel rollers, because the cleanliness of the oil chamber and the coaxiality of the bearing holes are easier to control.

The excitation mechanism is composed of vibration shaft, vibration bearing, fixed and movable eccentric block, etc. It is installed in a vibration chamber composed of a flange (the flange is bolted to the steel spoke plate). Heavy steel rollers generally have the same The two vibration chambers and two excitation mechanisms, the excitation rotation center coincides with the rotation axis of the vibration wheel, the vibration motor drives the left and right vibration shafts to rotate synchronously, and the eccentric blocks on the left and right vibration shafts generate centrifugal force when the eccentric blocks rotate, that is, the excitation The force acts on the vibrating wheel together with the front frame to compact the compacted object.

The vibration damping system is composed of multiple shock absorbers, which are used for the vibration isolation and vibration damping connection between the vibration wheel and the frame or the vibration wheel and the driving board. Depending on the driving mode and the way of force, the shape is divided into round and square. Generally, a circular vibration damper is used at the driving end and a square vibration damper is used at the non-driving end. More than 96% of the vibration can be filtered through the vibration reduction system.

The running mechanism is composed of a running bearing, a bearing seat, a bearing cover, a left and right connecting frame, and a reducer, etc., and realizes the running function of the entire vehicle together with the rear wheels.

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