Must ensure that the closed gas in the cylinder reaches a certain compression ratio

Date:Dec 10, 2019

The main body of the diesel hammer pile driver is also composed of a cylinder and a plunger. Its working principle is similar to that of a single-cylinder two-stroke diesel engine. The atomized diesel injected into the combustion chamber of the cylinder is driven by the strong pressure generated by high pressure and high temperature explosion to drive the hammer head to work. Diesel hammer is divided into guide rod type and barrel type according to its structure. The guide rod type diesel hammer uses a plunger as a hammer seat to press on a pile cap, and uses a cylinder as a hammer head to lift along two guide rods. When driving a pile, first suspend the pile into the gantry gantry, place the diesel hammer on the top of the pile, lower the hook to lift the cylinder, and release the hook to allow the cylinder to fall into the plunger and be enclosed in the cylinder. The air is compressed, and the cylinder continues to fall until the pressure pin outside the cylinder pushes the rocker of the fuel pump on the hammer seat, the fuel pump sprays the oil mist into the cylinder, and the oil mist encounters high temperature gas above the ignition point, and immediately When the explosion occurs, the explosive force impacts the pile to sink, and pushes upwards to raise the cylinder. When the cylinder falls along the guide rod again, the second impact cycle begins. The cylinder diesel hammer uses the cylinder as the hammer seat and is directly guided by the inner wall of the elongated cylinder. Two guide rods are omitted. The plunger is a hammer head and can move up and down in the cylinder. When driving a pile, press the pile cap at the lower part of the hammer seat against the pile top, lift the plunger with a hook, and then unhook and impact downward to compress the air enclosed in the cylinder. And carry out the work process of fuel injection, explosion, shock, ventilation, etc. The work of the diesel hammer is started by compression-ignition diesel. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the closed gas in the cylinder reaches a certain compression ratio. Sometimes when piling on soft ground, the reaction force is too small and the compression amount is insufficient to ignite. To start, you need to use a hook to lift the hammer head for several times to unhook the impact to start. The diesel hammer's hammer seat is equipped with a fuel injection pump, a fuel tank, a cooling water tank and a pile cap. The movable gap between the plunger and the cylinder is sealed with an elastic plunger ring.

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