In order to break effectively, the hammer should apply the appropriate breakdown force

Date:Dec 24, 2019

Impact-Enhanced Structural Design

The hydraulic breaker adopts the optimized design concept to increase the stroke of the piston and the cylinder. The same diameter of the piston and the drill rod is used to make the breaker

The best matching effect with the host, reasonable use of the highest output energy, saving energy and achieving the highest working efficiency.

Made with high-quality materials and special precision technology.

The materials of important parts such as the piston, the main body bolt, the front part of the main body, the oil cylinder, and the rear part of the main body are subject to strict quality inspection by HALL, which can guarantee the highest quality. The main parts such as the piston, the front of the main body, the oil cylinder, and the rear of the main body are manufactured using the latest heat treatment equipment. Many years of technical experience have guaranteed excellent quality and stability. HALB hydraulic breakers have invested in several facilities such as MCT (Universal Machine Tool Center), CNC (NC machine tools) and large-scale grinding machines for breakers to realize automated manufacturing processes and stabilize quality. In particular, the inside of the oil cylinder and valve is processed with a large-scale internal diameter grinder dedicated to the breaker to ensure the accuracy of the centrality, plus special super-processing and internal diameter grinding operations to improve the surface roughness and product completion.

In order to break effectively, the hammer should apply a suitable breakdown force. If the breakdown force is insufficient, the hammer's hammering energy will not be able to effectively crush the rock; in this way, the reaction force of the hammering force will be transmitted to the main body of the breaker, the boom of the excavator / loader, etc., thereby damaging these components.

On the other hand, in the case of the boom of the excavator / loader, if the breakdown force is too large and the crushing operation is performed, the machine may suddenly tilt at the instant of the crushing stone, the crushing hammer is violent, and the crushing hammer violently hits the stone will cause crushing. The hammer is damaged. If the hammer is damaged in this situation, the vibration will also be transmitted to the tracks and wheels of the excavator. Avoid working in this situation.

Therefore, during the striking operation, pay attention to the breaking force of the breaker at all times. Do not operate when the breaking force is not suitable.

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