Good ability, flexible and convenient operation

Date:Dec 31, 2019

Anchor drilling rigs are mainly used in slip wave treatment projects for railways, highways, water conservancy and hydropower facilities, and anchorage projects for dangerous rock masses. Anchor projects for high slope rock masses, such as controlling building displacement, are also used to support urban deep foundation pit support and foundations. Reinforcement engineering holes, blasting holes for blasting works, and tunnel pipe roof support holes. Has good performance: compact structure, small size, light weight, flexible and flexible, can be suitable for work on high slopes and scaffolding; hydraulic power head output torque is large, drilling ability is strong, the use of drilling rigs is wide; The output speed of the power head is infinitely variable, and drilling parameters can be independently selected according to different construction requirements and geological conditions to achieve the best drilling efficiency. Therefore, no matter what type of anchoring rig, the hydraulic transmission system is an important part of the anchoring rig equipment. If it is improperly maintained, various failures will occur, which will seriously affect the normal operation of the equipment. Therefore, great attention should be paid to the maintenance of the hydraulic system. jobs. The possible failures of the hydraulic system are various. Most of the failures in the use process are caused by improper oil selection, oil contamination, air in the system and high oil temperature. The following analyzes several issues that the anchoring rig should pay special attention to in daily maintenance.

1. Full hydraulic anchor rig

The slewing power, propulsion power and auxiliary actions of this type of drilling rig are powered by hydraulic pressure, and the hydraulic station is driven by a motor or an internal combustion engine. This type of drilling rig has a wide adjustment range, a larger applicable hole diameter and larger hole depth; better hole-opening and anti-stuck ability, flexible and convenient operation, is the type currently used by most domestic manufacturers.

2. Electric-hydraulic anchor drilling rig

This type of drilling rig is powered by a motor, and its propulsion and auxiliary actions are powered by hydraulic pressure.

Characteristics of foreign anchor rigs

At present, most of the foreign anchoring rigs used by domestic construction teams are driven by internal combustion and are fully hydraulically operated. They are equipped with hydraulic rock drills, which have a single power, a large processing range, and are suitable for both soil and rock anchors.

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