Flexible movement and high efficiency during digging

Date:Dec 25, 2019

Backhoe device is the main working device of small and medium hydraulic excavators, and it is also the most widely used working device in engineering construction. Backhoe operation is mainly used for soil below the excavator's stopping surface, so the maximum digging depth and maximum digging radius are the main operating parameters of backhoe digging.

The working device of a backhoe hydraulic excavator consists of a backhoe bucket, a bucket cylinder, an arm, an arm cylinder, a boom, a boom cylinder, a link mechanism, etc., all parts are hinged, and the expansion and contraction of the cylinder Realize various actions in the mining process. The toe of the boom and the lower fulcrum of the boom oil cylinder are hinged on the turntable, and the boom oil cylinder is used to support and change the inclination of the boom. The boom can be rotated around the lower hinge point through the expansion and contraction of the boom oil cylinder. The arm is hinged to the upper end of the boom. The relative position of the arm and the boom is controlled by the arm cylinder. The boom is controlled by the boom cylinder. The rotation of the bucket relative to the arm is controlled by the bucket cylinder. When working with a backhoe, you can rotate the stick or bucket at the same time as you lower the boom; when you unload, you can also turn the stick or bucket at the same time. The bucket can be rotated to unload the material directly on the transport vehicle.

In order to increase the bucket angle, the bucket cylinder is often connected to the bucket through a link mechanism. The boom, stick, and bucket operations can be performed separately or simultaneously. Flexible movement and high efficiency during digging.

The boom is the main component of the working device, and the structure of the stick generally depends on the structure of the boom. Backhoe boom has two types: straight boom and curved boom. The straight boom has simple structure, light weight and compact layout. It is mainly used for hanging excavators.

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