Do the daily maintenance, overhaul and maintenance of the equipment

Date:Dec 02, 2019

1. Excavator is a fixed asset with large economic investment. In order to increase its service life and obtain greater economic benefits, the equipment must be fixed in terms of personnel, machines, positions, and responsibilities. When the job must be transferred, the equipment should be handed over.

2. After the excavator enters the construction site, the driver should first observe the geology of the working face and the surrounding environment. There must be no obstacles within the radius of the excavator's rotation to avoid scratching or damaging the vehicle.

3. After the machine is started, no one is allowed to stand in the bucket, on the shovel arm and on the track to ensure safe production.

4. During the work of the excavator, no one is allowed to stay or walk within the turning radius or under the bucket. Non-drivers are not allowed to enter the cab and move around, and they are not allowed to train the driver to avoid damage to electrical equipment.

5. When the excavator is shifted, the driver should observe and whistle first, and then shift the position to avoid safety accidents caused by people at the machine. The position after the shift should ensure that there is no obstacle in the space of the excavator's rotation radius, and illegal operations are strictly prohibited.

6. After the work is completed, the excavator should be moved away from the low-lying area or the edge of the trench (ditch), parked on a flat ground, closed the doors and windows and locked.

7. The driver must do the daily maintenance, overhaul, and maintenance of the equipment, make daily records of the equipment in use, find that there is a problem with the vehicle, and do not work with illness, and report it for repair in a timely manner.

8. The cabin must be clean and tidy, and the surface of the vehicle body must be clean, free of dust and oil; develop a habit of wiping the car after work.

9. Drivers should make daily records of Taiwan and Taiwan shifts, make statistics on the work content of the day, and complete procedures for odd jobs or zero items outside the project in a timely manner, and make records in preparation for checkout.

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