Can greatly improve the speed of tunneling and mining efficiency

Date:Dec 27, 2019

Rock tunnelling and blasting have traditionally been used mainly for hard rock roadway excavation and ore mining, because this method consumes less energy and costs less. However, rock drilling is a heavy production process. Rock drilling with artificial or air-leg rock drills has high labor intensity, low work efficiency, and poor operating conditions, which can no longer meet the growing needs of industrial production. Realizing the mechanization of rock drilling and the automation of the production process are the goals of the mine workers.

With the continuous expansion of mining engineering scale and the development of mining machinery manufacturing, newly developed rock drilling rigs have gradually become the main equipment for mechanized rock drilling. Its advantages are: it can greatly improve the speed of excavation and the efficiency of mining, reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve the operating conditions. The widespread application of various rock drilling rigs marks the improvement of the degree of mechanization of mining.

Also known as rock drilling trolley. Referred to as a drill or trolley. A machine that supports rock drills for drilling holes and traveling with various powers. It consists of one or more rock drills and their automatic thrusters, drill arms and their amplitude modulation mechanisms, drilling carriages, and walking mechanisms. There are seven types of mining drilling rigs, surface drilling rigs, heading drilling rigs, anchor drilling rigs, underwater drilling rigs, general drilling rigs, and combined drilling rigs. It can be self-propelled or traction type; it is divided into three types of single-machine hydraulic type, double-machine hydraulic type and multi-machine hydraulic type according to the number of working arms.

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