Can be designed according to customer requirements

Date:Dec 13, 2019

A steel grab is a machine that grabs steel and is generally evolved from a hydraulic excavator. The big and small arms of the steel grabber are commonly known as "grabbing arms" and are generally long. The front end is a steel grabber, that is, a gripper, also known as a plum blossom hydraulic grab and an orange flap grab. Its main role is to carry waste metal. , Industrial waste, gravel, construction waste, domestic garbage and other materials grabbing and loading operations. Divided into original steel grabber and assembled steel grabber.

The biggest difference between a steel grabber and an ordinary excavator is the difference in the front-end working device, that is, the work purpose is different: the ordinary arm of the ordinary excavator is short, the front end is a bucket, and its main role is to perform digging and loading operations; Also different from ordinary excavators. The standard of the working device of the steel grabber is a straight-arm boom stick. It can also manufacture straight-arm boom sticks and curved-arm boom sticks, which can be designed according to customer requirements.

Modified steel grabber, as the name implies, is a modified steel grabber, generally modified by ordinary excavators for digging purposes, and usually modified by second-hand excavators, because no one will buy a new ordinary excavator Machine to modify the steel grab machine, to buy a new one might as well buy the original steel grab machine directly. Therefore, it is more suitable to use a second-hand excavator to modify the steel grabber, so that the investment cost can be greatly reduced.

Because the original working purpose of the steel grabber and the ordinary excavator is completely different, the front-end working device of the excavator must be replaced. The first is to replace the original standard short arm with an extended arm (that is, the gripping arm), because the length and shape of the original standard arm are generally not suitable for long-distance grasping and loading materials. In actual conditions, if the working conditions can be met, the original standard arm can be replaced. The other is to replace the original bucket with a steel grabber (grabber clamp), that is, a plum blossom hydraulic grabber, otherwise the bucket cannot complete the grabbing and loading operations.

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