Advantages of high efficiency and low labor intensity

Date:Dec 30, 2019

According to different working mechanisms of broken ore, it is divided into steel rope impact drill, down-the-hole drill, roller cone drill and rotary drill. Due to its low efficiency, steel wire rope drill rigs have gradually been replaced by other rigs. Down-the-hole drilling rigs use a drill rod to drive the wind-driven impactor to rotate with the drill bit. The piston of the wind-driven impactor is used to impact the drill bit to break the ore. The roller cone rig is used to crush the ore rock by the rolling action of the roller bit. It is suitable for drilling holes with a diameter of 150 to 440 mm in hard rock. It has the advantages of high efficiency and low labor intensity. widely used. Down-the-hole (or cone) drilling rig consists of impactor (or drill), slewing mechanism, lifting mechanism, pressure device, walking mechanism, slag drainage system, drill frame and drill rod. Rotary rigs are only suitable for drilling softer rocks and coal.

1. Prepare a rock-drilling cavern. The size of the cavern can be determined according to the method of drilling. Generally, the height of the cavern when drilling horizontal holes is 2.6-2.8 meters. The width of the cavern when drilling upward holes, downward holes or inclined holes. It is 2.5 meters and the height is 2.8-3 meters.

2, lead the gas and water pipelines, lighting lines, etc. to the working surface for use.

3. According to the design requirements of the hole, set up the pillar firmly. The upper and lower ends of the pillar must be covered with wooden boards. The horizontal axis and the snap ring are mounted on the pillar at a certain height and direction. The machine is lifted with a hand winch, fixed on the pillar at the required angle, and then the hole of the drill is adjusted to.

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