Achieve 24/7, continuous and efficient operations

Date:Dec 05, 2019

The operation route and construction method of the scraper depend on the size of the project, the length of the transportation distance, the nature of the soil and the terrain conditions. The operation route can adopt a circular route or a figure 8 route. Adopting downhill shovel, span shovel method, bulldozer assist shovel method, etc. can shorten the loading time and increase the bucket loading capacity to give full play to its efficiency.

The active scraper has a lower ground pressure than the ground pressure, enabling on-site steering. In muddy and marsh areas with harsh climate, narrow sites and poor geological conditions, it can achieve all-weather, continuous, and efficient operations with good reliability and adaptability. The machine uses a shovel to cut the soil, and loads the crushed soil into a bucket for transportation and unloading and leveling. An active scraper is equivalent to a common excavator, a bulldozer, and two loaders in a unit of time. workload.

The best machine for large earth and stone transfer, a multi-functional scraper that combines soil transport, shovel, loosening, bulldozing, and unloading. The shovel distance is within 2000 meters. Can be widely used in building construction, airport construction, mining, water conservancy and hydropower.

Active multifunctional crawler scraper is its full name. It adopts advanced electronic control, power transmission system, electro-hydraulic controlled variable-speed operation system, electro-hydraulic steering steering braking system and automatic unloading hydraulic pilot control system. Superior performance and easy operation; Ultra-strong structural design frame is suitable for heavy-duty engineering operations; Full hydraulic wet steering braking system makes the machine more flexible and efficient when working; Specially designed cab with reasonable layout and wide vision Comfortable operation.

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